Taking the Lead strategy

                        SSAB’s business strategy Taking the Lead aims to establish SSAB as an industry leader in terms of both sustainability and profitability among comparable peers.


                        First in fossil free steel

                        SSAB is undertaking a strategic roadmap to revolutionize iron and steel making and to be the first steel company in the world to deliver fossil free steel to the market by 2026. This includes an active leadership role in the Hybrit initiative. The target is to be completely fossil free as a company by 2045.

                        Leading home-market positions

                        Maintaining the market leading position in SSAB’s two home markets, the Nordics and North American plate, remains a foundation for SSAB. SSAB intends to strengthen our position in the coming years and increase the share of premium and/or value-add shipments.

                        Global leadership in high-strength steels

                        SSAB is a global leader in Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) steels and in specific high-strength automotive applications (AHSS). Both offer good growth opportunities in the coming years as fundamental trends drive the use of high-strength steels.

                        Leading value-added services

                        Value-added downstream services are important channels to market for SSAB. They also represent an important growth area for SSAB’s long-term development, as many customers require more services and complementary products to process SSAB steels.

                        Leading sustainability performance

                        Sustainability is the foundation for everything at SSAB. SSAB should offer a safe work environment, adhere to high environmental standards, and be a responsible partner to all. By engaging with customers in the area of sustainability, and the usage of sustainable SSAB steels, SSAB will create greater business value.

                        Most flexible operations

                        As an industrial company, SSAB has the highest focus on efficiency, reliability and flexibility in our global production system. Through SSAB One, the goal is to involve all employees in achieving continuous improvement. Also, digitally enabled improvement initiatives will be increasingly important in the coming years.

                        High-performing organization

                        A key element of SSAB’s business strategy is to build a high-performing organization with a strong employee engagement globally. SSAB will continue to work with leadership and competence development, and strive to enhance diversity in the workforce.

                        Superior customer experience

                        SSAB is committed to offering a superior customer experience by outperforming competitors on delivery performance, quality and overall service level and satisfaction. SSAB will also further develop digital services and find new ways to engage with customers.


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