Why color coated steel

                        Why choose color coated steel for buildings?

                        The use of color coated steel for building applications, as opposed to other materials, allows for great opportunities to create beautiful and functional buildings that meet high environmental and quality requirements.

                        INNOVATIVE AESTHETICS

                        As our society moves towards a more environmentally sustainable future, color coated steels can play a part in new building solutions. GreenCoat? products offer freedom for architects and designers. A large variety of shapes, colors and surface appearances combined with environmentally sustainable products make GreenCoat? an attractive choice. GreenCoat? color coated steel is a perfect material for buildings whether it is a modern arena, a traditional cultural building, a residential home or a warehouse storage.

                        EASY TO WORK WITH

                        Color coated steel has the benefit of being a combination of lightweight and high strength. On top of this, the material is extremely durable. These properties contribute to short construction times and easy handling on the construction site. The material is the perfect choice for renovation and extensions. The consistent and high quality of the GreenCoat? products makes them highly suitable for industrial processing. Our extra formable steel grades are easy to form by hand and can be used in sophisticated forming operations even down to -15 °C without damage to the color coating or steel.


                        100 % RECYCLABLE

                        Buildings made from GreenCoat? steel provide safe and sustainable climate protection with very low maintenance costs. GreenCoat? products will protect your building for many decades and at the end of its lifetime, the steel can be re-melted and processed into new steel products. Steel is 100 % recyclable without any loss of quality. Both from an environmental and economical view – steel is the sustainable solution.

                        Color coated steel – corrosion protected and long lasting appearance

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