The Hardox® In My Body logo means the product is manufactured using Hardox® wear steel and represents a first-class product that delivers superior resistance to wear, dents and cracks even under the harshest conditions.

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                        Top 5 reasons for choosing Hardox® In My Body
                        agricultural equipment

                        1. Amazing lifetime increase.
                        2. Higher resale value thanks to the sign of quality and premium ingredients.
                        3. Maximizes payloads.
                        4. Consistent properties - no cracks.
                        5. Better fuel efficiency with stronger and lighter equipment.


                        Bigger, stronger, tougher

                        Stewarts trailers have been into the trailer business for around 20 years. Born and raised in the farms of Scotland, they know what a farmer needs. They have always strived for quality and pay great attention to customers' needs. Their Pro series trailers are part of the Hardox® In My Body program.


                        A hard core Hardox® fan

                        He runs two companies, drives a road grader in the summer and plows snow in the winter. Meet Zeb, a contractor in the machine industry who probably lives closer to Hardox® than anyone else.

                        Zeb Macahan

                        Customer cases

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                        Adding value to the equipment

                        Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) manufactures innovative and leading-edge road transport equipment across the transport, mining, construction and agricultural industries Australia wide. In 2006 they expanded into side-tipping trucks for the mining industry. By using Hardox® 450 in the lightweight body design, they now produce the lightest steel tippers in the market.

                        When reality strikes, Hardox® has the toughness to take it

                        Dumploada from Stronga is a reliable all-purpose tipper that is tough enough to take on a world of abuse. A true farmers favorite that won’t let you down no matter if you dump sand, hay, or even stones from heights. As a member of Hardox® In My Body you can be sure Stronga have been thoroughly assessed to earn the right to display the logo and that the tippers are manufactured to the highest standards, using Hardox® wear plate.


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