The Hardox® In My Body sign can only be used on containers and crushers that are tough, hard, cost efficient and made from genuine Hardox® wear plate. They’re manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified and thoroughly assessed program member. When you see the Hardox® In My Body sign, you know it’s the right choice to keep you up and running.

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                        Why use Hardox® in your recycling and demolition equipment?

                        Three hard facts:

                        1. Safer thanks to tougher steel helps you avoid the risk of unpleasant sudden breakage.
                        2. Lighter because you need less steel to build the equipment.
                        3. Longer lifetime thanks to its high quality and consistent properties. In fact, no other wear plate has as consistent material throughout thick plates up to 160 mm or 6.25” and strengths of 350–600 HBW.
                        scrap gripper
                        garbage truck


                        Why use Hardox® in your containers and garbage trucks?

                        Five strong facts:

                        1. Tough enough to perform as a structural material in recycling containers.
                        2. Superior wear and dent resistance gives extended service life.
                        3. Tolerates heavy impacts such as loading and dropping sharp materials like steel scrap or pieces of concrete with rebar from demolition.
                        4. Reduced fuel consumption – crucial for garbage trucks that start and stop every 15 seconds.
                        5. Lighter equipment means more payload.


                        Guaranteed to keep you going

                        Hardox® is harder, tougher and more resilient than the competition. Get to know the beast worth loving.


                        Bring it on

                        We challenged a dump body certified as Hardox® In My Body with extremely tough challenges. Watch the video to see how the body behaves when we do our best to destroy it!

                        Customer cases

                        Learn more about Hardox® and its benefits from our Hardox® In My Body members

                        Crushing the competition

                        MB Crusher is the world leader of demolition and recycling. Thanks to utilizing the benefits of Hardox® wear plate, the long-term collaborations with SSAB and more than 60 years of passion and hard work, MB makes the best selling crusher bucket in the world with over 90% market share.

                        Even more productive

                        SBL Maschinenbaus recycling grapples are harder and tougher than the rest because they are made of light and strong Hardox® wear plates. It keeps them up and running with increased productivity as a result.

                        Longer lifetime and less downtime

                        JK Co is a leading Korean manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments for scrap and demolition, construction and forestry applications. They manufacture attachments such as quick couplers, scrap grabs, compactors, stone grapples, lifting forks, rippers and more. With prioritized technical and development support from SSAB, JK was able to produce more efficient products that weight less and still deliver superior strength and toughness.

                        garbage truck

                        20% more garbage

                        Containerbau Hameln produced 12 new garbage trucks for SITA Deutschland GmbH. By using Hardox® wear plate, no bracing was necessary to stabilize the containers. Instead – a depression on the sides keeps the containers from extending or deforming. Thanks to the Hardox® plates, the containers are a tonne lighter and the truck with trailer can take up to two tonnes more load.

                        garbage truck

                        Fuel saving garbage trucks

                        Labrie Environmental Group is the third largest North American manufacturer of equipment for waste management. They were challenged by a truck fleet that started to show signs of too much wear in their floor plates. Upgrading to Hardox®, their customers substantially cuts maintenance costs.


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