About SSAB Boron


                        EASIER AND 
                        MORE COST EFFICIENT PRODUCTION


                        Why choose SSAB Boron
                        SSAB Boron stands for a new and wider range of advanced steel grades for quenching and press hardening. It will improve overall productivity, yield and end product quality. It’s the right choice for trouble-free and cost-efficient performance in heat-treatment processes.

                        Excellence starts with clean steel

                        SSAB Boron - Excellence start with a clean steel

                        Narrow dimensional tolerances

                        Narrow windows for each chemical element characterize SSAB Boron. Sulfur and phosphorus contents are much lower than the EN 10083-3 maximum for standard boron steel grades. SSAB Boron is guaranteed to have narrow dimensional tolerances, which will help to maximize your workshop’s efficiency.

                        Excellent performance

                        Every day you work with SSAB Boron, it will behave as the day before. No need to find the optimal parameters for each and every delivery of steel. The optimized chemistry and consistent dimensional tolerances result in a material that delivers excellent performance during the entire production process, shortens lead times and secures the desired quality of the final products.

                        Easy to shape and quench

                        SSAB Boron Complex forming

                        Minimize the risk of microcracking

                        SSAB Boron steels are designed to minimize the risk of microcracking in mechanical workshop processing. The superior cleanliness and fine-grain microstructure allow for critical operations such as punching, shearing and stamping in as-rolled condition. Mechanical processing and formability can be improved even further when using SSAB Boron in annealed delivery condition.

                        Sophisticated quench hardening

                        The consistent and tightly controlled chemical composition allows for sophisticated quench hardening, where hardness and toughness can be directed to the critical areas of the end product. SSAB Boron also performs extremely well in press-hardening processes. With SSAB Boron you can continue with any quenching process you use today and expect highly predictable results. 
                        Quenching SSAB Boron
                        Reliable quenching in water, water-polymers and oil

                        Reliable quenching in all quenching fluids

                        Quenching in oil or in water-polymer solutions works equally fine, with the latter providing additional environmental benefits. SSAB Boron minimizes or eliminates the need for tempering after quenching. This reduces energy costs and increases efficiency.

                        Direct access to expertise and technical support

                        SSAB at your service

                        When you purchase SSAB Boron, you automatically gain access to SSAB’s extensive support resources. You can always contact SSAB via phone or email for support on material choice, heat treatment, workshop recommendations and other technical issues. 
                        SSAB Expertise
                        SSAB Tech support

                        Tech support

                        We stand ready to offer optimized products and services that add the kind of value to your business that really matters. Our dedicated Tech Support people provide a strong local presence worldwide. They are happy to be your partner in long term projects as well as visit your site at short notice for technical assistance.


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