Strenx for trailers
                        SSAB Strenx performance steel truck

                        High strength steel for trailer frames and flooring

                        With Strenx® performance steel, your trailers will be lighter in weight and still have better payload and use less fuel. 
                        reduced weight

                        REDUCE WEIGHT


                        INCREASE PAYLOAD

                        less fuel

                        USE LESS FUEL


                        IMPROVE SUSTAINABILITY

                        CHOOSE YOUR TRAILER TYPE

                        Strenx Rear Underrun Protection Device

                        GAME CHANGING TRAILER

                        The Stratosphere 3.0 rear tipping semi-trailer from Italian company Mantella is a next generation truck trailer chassis, which won the prestigious Swedish Steel Prize in 2018. The chassis has the same weight as an aluminum frame, but with superior mechanical properties and improved road handling.

                        Strong, light, efficient and beautiful.

                        NOW IT´S TIME TO SET THE BEAUTY FREE

                        With Strenx® performance steel you can:

                        • Reduce weight
                        • Increase payload
                        • Use less fuel
                        • Improve sustainability
                        trailers chassis
                        Strenx customer cases
                        Strenx customer case
                        Trailer lifted
                        SSAB Strenx steel
                        SSAB Strenx steel

                        If you’re looking for steel for trailer frames, look no further than Strenx® performance steel. This high-strength steel makes the ideal choice for metal trailer flooring and metal siding. SSAB customers also use it successfully in components like rear underrun protection devices (RUPD), kingpin assemblies, drawbar couplings, and timber trailer stakes and bunks.

                        When you use strong yet light Strenx® performance steel for trailer frames, you not only get clean steel with consistent, guaranteed properties. You can also significantly reduce the weight of the trailer – and increase payload, save on fuel costs, lower your carbon footprint, and improve your bottom line.

                        So why not get a quicker return on investment with Strenx® performance steel for trailer frames and components instead of using stainless or conventional trailer sheet metal? Contact us today to find the perfect steel grade for each trailer component.


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