Strenx guarantee

                        Your quality guarantee

                        Strengthen your business with products made from genuine high-strength steel with measured, guaranteed properties.

                        At SSAB, we work relentlessly to improve production processes. As a result, we can guarantee both closer tolerances and improved workshop properties, and help our customers develop new and better products. In fact, SSAB was first in the world to introduce a precision guarantee on the thickness of our high-strength steel plates – Strenx® guarantees.

                        The benefits of precision in steel gauge thickness

                        SSAB’s Strenx® guarantees include tight thickness tolerances, tight flatness tolerances and bending guarantees. The tight thickness tolerances enable you to know the weight more precisely. As a result, you can reduce your safety margins. Precise thickness within a plate and between plates makes for safe and predictable performance in the workshop.

                        Laser cutting and automated welding benefit from the narrow tolerances for optimized cutting speed. When bending, you can use the same force and get the same spring-back from plate to plate.
                        You can find the relevant tolerance class for each steel grade below.

                        Thickness tolerance chart

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                        Flatness tolerance chart

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                        Bending tolerance chart

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