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                        Duroxite® 300

                        Duroxite? 300 is an iron-based steel alloy overlay deposited on mild steel. It is designed for extremely severe sliding wear for both dry and wet (slurry) abrasive environments.

                        The overlay contains a unique high volume of ultra-fine borocarbides with a grain size refined down to 500 nm. The borocarbides are completely wetted in a ductile matrix resulting in a product with significantly improved service life that maintains high toughness in extreme sliding wear applications. Duroxite? 300 is an excellent alternative to tungsten carbide overlay. 

                        Key Benefits

                        ? Extreme wear resistance in dry and wet abrasive environments with a high degree of toughness
                        ? Cost effective alternative to tungsten carbide with equivalent service life and better impact resistance
                        ? Overlay thickness is reduced compared to traditional overlays resulting in a lighter weight product while increasing service life
                        ? Absorbs 25% more impact energy than the traditional chromium overlay plate as measured by the continuous high impact lab test
                        ? Has uniform through-thickness hardness of 67 to 70 HRC for single and multiple-layer overlay. Maintains a high hardness of approximately 60 HRC after exposure to high temperatures up to 1100°F (600°C)
                        ? Maintains a consistent wear resistance from surface down to 75% of the overlay.

                        Typical Applications

                        Duroxite? 300 is suitable for use in industries such as mining, cement, oil sands, steel production and several others. Some specific applications include:

                        ? Mining: Crusher rolls, skip liners, slurry pipes and pumps, conveyor chains, excavator bucket liners
                        ? Cement: Fan blades, deflector blades, cranker crushers
                        ? Oil Sands: Surge bins, feed chutes, slurry pipes and pumps
                        ? Steel: Ore chutes
                        ? Power: Screw augers, wear liner plates, ash handling equipment liners
                        ? Agriculture: Grain shedding hammers, sugar mill knives, row crop sweeps
                        ? Oil and Gas: Fracking blender pumps
                        ? Construction: Snow plow shoes, demolition tools

                        Duroxite® 300

                        Duroxite® 300

                        Standard overlay thicknesses

                          Standard plate sizes
                         Single pass  Double passes
                         Metric unit Imperial unit  Metric unit  Imperial unit  Metric unit  Imperial unit
                         3 mm on 6 mm  1/8’’ on 1/4’’  6 mm on 6 mm   1/4’’ on 1/4’’    
                             6 mm on 8 mm   1/4’’ on 5/16’’  1.2 m x 2.4 m 4’ x 8’
                             6 mm on 10 mm  1/4’’ on 3/8’’   1.5 m x 3.0 m   5’ x 10’ 
                             6 mm on 12 mm   1/4’’ on 1/2’’  1.8 m x 3.0 m  6’ x 10’

                        Custom thicknesses and other plate sizes are available upon request. 


                        Surface Hardness

                        Number of overlay passes  Typical surface bulk hardness 1)
                         Single and double passes  67 to 70 HRC (925 to 1 075 HV)
                        1) Surface hardness is measured on machined flat surface just below overlay surface.
                         Number of overlay passes          ASTM G65 – Procedure A weight loss2)
                         Surface            75% depth of overlay3)
                         Single pass   0.10 g  0.10 g
                         Double passes   0.07 g  0.07 g

                        2) ASTM G65 is a standard test measuring sliding abrasion resistance using a dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus.  ASTM G65–Procedure A is the most severe test method.

                        3) ASTM G65 wear test is conducted at 75 % depth of the overlay materials to ensure consistently good wear resistance from top surface through to the depth of 75 % of the overlay.

                        Duroxite® 300 overlay contains an ultra-fine complex borocarbide phase down to approximately 500 nm in a ductile matrix.   The typical volume fraction of borocarbides is maintained between 60 to 70% to form a uniform hard matrix. The SEM (Scanning  Electron Microscopy) / EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometry) analysis of the Duroxite® 300 overlay confirms that the refined  borocarbides are tungsten-niobium-molybdenum-rich borocarbides, and chromium-rich borocarbides dispersed in an iron- based matrix. The ultra-fine borocarbides are approximately 200 times finer than the traditional chromium carbides.


                        Duroxite 101 Microstructure     


                        Overall and overlay thickness tolerances can be guaranteed within ±10% of specified thickness. 


                        Plate flatness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±3 mm (±1/8”) over 1.5 m (5’) plate length for plate dimensions equal to or less  than 1.5 m (5’) x 3.0 m (10’). For plates greater than 1.5 m (5’) wide by 3.0 m (10’) long, the plate flatness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±25 mm (±1”).



                        Duroxite® 300 is supplied in an as-welded condition.

                        Welding, cutting, forming and machining

                        Recommendations can be found in the Duroxite® Product brochure, or consult your local technical support representative for more information.

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