Docol Tube R8

                        Docol® Tube R8

                        Provides advanced high strength and energy absorption

                        Docol? Tube R8 is a product range of welded cold formed circular tubes in high strength steel, specifically targeted at the requirements of the Motor Sport industry and similar producers. It is intended for applications requiring a combination of extremely high performance and lean design. Docol? Tube R8 is produced using tube designated SSAB high strength steel, with high yield strength in combination with excellent bending and welding properties. Docol? Tube R8 tubes are produced with narrow tolerances, including inside weld bead height.  Delivery  condition of Docol? Tube R8 is according to EN 10305-3 and R8 tubes are always accompanied by inspection certificate 3.1. Docol? Tube R8 is approved as an allowable material in the SFI specifications for roll cages in different types of drag racing vehicles.

                        Dimension Range

                        Docol Tube R8 is available at circular shape. 

                        Circular 1-2 inch (25.4 - 50.8 mm)
                        Wall thickness 0.049-0.095 inch (1.24 - 2.41 mm)
                        Mill length 19 ft (5791 mm)

                        Other sizes and lengths are available upon request.

                        Available Standards

                        EN 10305-3

                        Select shape to view properties


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